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When Sparks Fly!

by | Jul 26, 2015 | Information | 0 comments

“I weld, therefore, I am.”

 “It’s exciting to discover what’s hidden in the raw sheet of steel.”


We’re taking the mundane and turning it into something extraordinary… in this case, an 8 foot tall by 8 foot wide by 5 foot deep piece called “Whimsical.”

Collaboration with my husband is synergistic, resulting in far more than the merging of two imaginations.

Together, “…we attempt to create an inspired, dynamic, and sometimes whimsical collection of innovative and collectible metal art.”

Ta Dah! Creative use of firearms without hurting anyone!

Click, CLICK!

Our work can be seen on-line at

Cindy and Joe McDonnell

Artscapes of Rio Rancho


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Here’s a twist.

In a society where there are too many guns in the hands of too many crazies… create!

Take 1 sheet of 20 gauge mild steel, 3 avid shooters and 200 rounds of 12 gauge shot; drive over it with a SUV to flatten, cut it, shape it, grind it, then weld.

Voilà, metal ART!

Cindy’s background includes advertising, printing and graphic design, with many years spent managing her own successful business. Welding and fabrication classes sparked her interest in designing and constructing her own artistic creations.

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