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Virtual Value V$ Intrinsic/Real Values

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Musings | 0 comments

Do Younger Generations Have an Appreciation for Investments in the Arts

It seems like all we see are young people walking around tweeting and texting on their I-pads, phones, etc. We see them standing in lines and paying hundreds of dollars for the latest tech gadget(s) (that will be outdated by the time they walk out the door!).

The arts tell us about the history of our world and the people inhabiting it. Artists were the CNN and “hashtag” historians of the ancient world through
to the age of the camera and electronics. Recorded history started with drawings drawn in animal blood on cave walls! Modern history exists as pixels and code in virtuality.

Intrinsic arts exemplify the history of the family through paintings and other family memorabilia (comic books, stamps, coins, antiques, classic cars or trading cards) passed from generation to generation. Each has a REAL value attached to them. I have my Father’s old textbooks, Copyright 1904 and his flight logs from WWII. I love looking and holding them; thinking of my father studying them as a young boy. I have artwork I looked at as a child and remember exactly where they hung and how our home looked, felt and smelled. Will I-Pads and computers really be handed down to our children and their children? If they are, can they provide us with the same comfort and value? OF COURSE NOT! So, maybe, just MAYBE, this high-tech generation should include in their budgets, investments in some form of art. We would hate to think of a world without artists, and that the next generation’s investments are soullessly virtual.

MAYBE as parents, a piece of art might be a more permanent and loving gift than the latest computer, iPad, Android or selfie. I feel parents should instill in their children an appreciation for the arts and literature. Will galleries, museums, book stores and libraries even be around in the future? Verily virtually!


Please consider this idea next time you are thinking of a gift for your children, friends or other family members. The next generation really can be taught about the importance of investments in the arts if exposed to it! And if you are of the “GenX” generation, consider investments that could prove fruitful in your future!

Expose them to art! This could be your greatest gift for the(ir) future!
Expose yourselves to art! This could be your greatest investment in your future!

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