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Selfie Fetches $100,000,000.00 at Auction! Will Hang Next to Mona Lisa!

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Musings | 0 comments

 Virtual, Viral and Selfies! Art of the future?

OMG, what next?

That question was posed at our art association meeting last night. I hesitated to give my opinion at the meeting, but I think it’s Virtual, Viral and Selfies! And I think it’s the art of the future!

I have noted over the last several years that interest in art, as well as any other type of what our generation considers valuable collectibles such as; (with, perhaps, the exception of comic books) stamps, coins, antiques, stocks and bonds, automobiles with a future value, theatre and opera have all fallen off the radar with the present generation of people. Perhaps it is because they prefer to live in the moment or prefer their “virtual” world, than dealing with the chaos that is the reality of the REAL world we are living in. Their preference is to interact with Halo rather than interacting with their neighbors. Because their outlook appears bleak, possessions, including art, is of no importance, of no value, almost more a burden than a perk, therefore they would rather confront reality with a flat screen, go-pro, computer and iPhone!

Our values are different. Our Reality is different! We are the generation who have fought in wars and conflicts, (whether rightly or wrongly), with the idea that is was for the betterment of society and the rights of humans to live peacefully with their neighbors. We valued what humans brought to the table. We valued the arts, sciences and humanities! Because we valued these physical things, we don’t understand why this current generation doesn’t, and we are discouraged by others’ lack of interest in our work, our “art.” Have we done enough to encourage and instill in our offspring that there IS a reason to “invest” for a future?

Perhaps it is just my age and “sour grapes,” but I can’t imagine any “selfie” having an intrinsic value in their future. (But what do I know?!) I can’t imagine their home being devoid of artwork, colorless and featureless, save for the flat screen, gaming device and chair, but that could be their “valuable” investment! I can’t imagine thousands of spectators jamming theaters and stadiums to watch attentively, even raptly, a goPro performance, or a halo exhibition, but it IS a “happening” for these folks. Perhaps this IS, and will be the visual and performing arts of the future. Perhaps there will ultimately be a value established that they will trade on and invest in, in their future. If so, our only consolation is that we have done our best with our time, effort and medium, and that we have contributed our part to society.

I think that that is the reason that there is little interest in art shows, and the poor turnout for crafts collectibles venues and flagging membership in art associations. It is not us (we are still trying), it’s them! We knew from the very git-go that we probably wouldn’t be rich or famous, but we chose to become artists to express ourselves, we need to concentrate on that ideal and strive to improve our work, our vision, our style, our subjects, our effort, our education, our interaction with each other (and within the arts community), and our self worth. Whatever happens will happen from there. Just realize that when WE sit down in front of that blank canvas, WE are creators! There are not many people in this world who can say that!


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