All Things Art

posted on Dec 19, 2016

Imagine if you will, an art network that can be known and recognized by anyone who is
interested in buying art, selling art, promoting art, talking about art, crafting art and selling to

A network site that could be linked to anything and everything to do with artists.

A listing of all the artists who wish to be represented as an artist in each state, with contact info
and links to their sites or galleries or experience.

A site that lists all the galleries and the artists they represent, the events and shows they have
and plan to have in their locales.

A calendar page that would list all the events, shows, studio tours, openings, etc. that are/will
be happening in the state.

A network that lists and links to sites like CaFE, ArtFairCalendar and other listings for
opportunities for artists.

A site that links to lists of scholarships, grants and art schools, associations, organizations,
study groups, art programs, open sessions, work shops, job opportunities, etc. that artists would
be interested in.

A network that links to Community arts commissions and their projects and meetings.

A network that links to Better Business Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce and their
projects and meetings pertaining to art.

A site that links to artists’ personal and/or professional websites.

A network that could connect to appraisers and auction sites for those who would want any
artwork appraised or sold at auction.

A site that links and lists Community Outreach programs that artists would be interested in and
that communities, likewise would be interested in having artists participation and recognition of
artists expertise and accomplishments in the various New Mexico state communities.

A site that would be sustained by local communities financial participation, benefactors,
donations and donors to the arts, financial institutions, charitable organizations, and
advertisers (both directly related to the arts, ie. Dick Blick, Artisans of Santa Fe, Michaels,
Framers and the like, as well as anyone else interested in supporting an art related site, such
as auto dealers, furniture, apparel, etc.). In addition to charges to advertisers, there could be a
small percent charged to artists,galleries and art organizations for sales, or advertising events,
promotions, etc., that would help sustain the operation of the site. A site that would also solicit,
promote, endorse and favor national arts support groups and financial institutions through
endowments, grants, scholarships and donations.

A network that would list and link all the museums statewide with their current and upcoming

A “Road Trip/Visitor art/entertainment listing, showing galleries/events along main entryway
corridors much like the page in the Gallery Guide for Rodeo Drive.

A “forms” page with easy to fill out forms for upcoming shows and events and a place to
purchase tickets online. (Mention the apps that one can use on cell phones to do likewise.)

Overnight museum/galleries tours that include hotel accomodations/dinner/museum tickets.
An all inclusive all-around weekend getaway for those who would appreciate a break from the
local scene!

Intercity exhibitions that would encourage participation from other communities.

An arts bank.

And a network that would be promoted through social media, state advertising budgets
throughout the country by the various local and state arts commissions and chambers of

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