How to (correctly) Enter an Art Show

So, you’ve decided to enter an art show.

Easy peasy, right?

You’d be surprised how many artists get it wrong!

And wrong for the simplest reasons.

You’ve applied to enter. The show personnel has sent you their application form with their entry requirements.

You fill it out and send it in with your entry fee.


Artificial soul

The significance and inevitability of the evolutionary extinction of the human race by

artificial intelligence

In today’s society of electronic wizardry, one major, AND “key” element is missing… humanity. Yes, we have A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) which will inevitability replace human beings as a species, then going, going, gone would be the truly “human” created masterpieces; DaVinci’s La Jacond – gone, Hemingway’s Grapes of Wrath and Shakespere’s Hamlet; gone, Chippendale (not the strippers!), Hepplewhite and Windsor, Frank Lloyd Wright and others; all gone.… read more...

The Three Dimensions of Color

By C and J

If you asked someone with little or no instruction in color theory to describe the difference between three colors; an intense red, a dull red and a yellow, their first answer would probably be; “One color is Yellow and the other two are Reds.” They might also indicate that one of the two reds is more dull than the other, and they might even notice that the yellow color appears lighter than the Reds.… read more...

Tips & Tricks:

By C and J

From recent experience: Take photos of your completed works. Take photos with the work framed, including the frame. If you need to submit images to a show for pre-judging, you can use one of the image manipulating applications to crop the image (crop out the frame) to send, giving the actual artwork size where requested. If you only save the artwork to the actual size, somewhere down the line, someone will invariably want an image of your piece with a frame!… read more...

Left Brain – Right Brain



Me – “Siri, why are people so illiterate on electronic devices nowadays?”

Siri – “OK, so, here’s what I found on why people are so illiterate in electronic devices:”

“Computers are too difficult and people are computer illiterate.”

Me – “Siri, why are people so illiterate on the internet?”

(Siri, by way of application auto speller) – Airi: “Here’s what I found on the web for ‘people so illiterate’:”

(Siri, by way of same spell checker) – Siri: Here’s what I found on the web for ‘why are people sell in F on the internet’:

Me – “Siri, why are people so illiterate on electronic devices nowadays?”

Siri: “Interesting question, Edward.”… (Is this an A.I.…

All Things Art

Imagine if you will, an art network that can be known and recognized by anyone who is
interested in buying art, selling art, promoting art, talking about art, crafting art and selling to

A network site that could be linked to anything and everything to do with artists.

A listing of all the artists who wish to be represented as an artist in each state, with contact info
and links to their sites or galleries or experience.… read more...

The Importance of Using a Written Contract!

As an artist, Commissions are important, but if the commission involves money that will be paid upon completion of a project, all parties must agree and understand what each is responsible for and when. A written agreement is best.

My wife and I do metal wall sculptures and recently got burned when we neglected to present and get a written contract signed for a $10,000.00 sculpture commission.… read more...

Art Doesn’t have Obsolescence!

Art Doesn’t have a Life Expectancy! Art Doesn’t Depreciate!

It isn’t your imagination. Products don’t last as long as they used to. How long you can expect many of the products that you have “invested in” inside and around your home to last?

“Customers are surprised when told that the average life expectancy to replace their 20-year-old refrigerator is seven to 12 years.” according to Neal Asbury, CEO of the Legacy Companies, a manufacturer and exporter based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.… read more...

Virtual Value V$ Intrinsic/Real Values

Do Younger Generations Have an Appreciation for Investments in the Arts?

It seems like all we see are young people walking around tweeting and texting on their I-pads, phones, etc. We see them standing in lines and paying hundreds of dollars for the latest tech gadget(s) (that will be outdated by the time they walk out the door!).

The arts tell us about the history of our world and the people inhabiting it. … read more...