cindy grindingCindy and Joe McDonnell’s unique partnership of ideas and execution produces a remarkable array of contemporary metal sculpture.

Cindy’s background includes advertising, printing and graphic design, with many years spent managing her own successful business. Welding and fabrication classes sparked her interest in designing and constructing her own artistic creations.

Joe is a talented and accomplished fine artist and graphic designer with years of experience.  He studied drawing and painting at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and apprenticed in the studio of well-known fine artists Siegfried Hahn and Howard Wexler.

Their collaboration is synergistic, resulting in far more than the merging of two imaginations. Together, they have created an inspired, dynamic, and sometimes whimsical collection of innovative and collectible metal art.

“It’s exciting to discover what’s hidden in the raw sheet of steel.  We’re taking the mundane and turning it into something extraordinary.”